Arezoo is best known for her radiant facials and virtually pain free Brazilian waxing techniques. A pioneer in her field, Arezoo introduced the 3hr facial and, was one of the first to bring the Brazilian to British shores. Arezoo has also used the popular threading technique for over three decades.

Named by Beauty Editors as one of the country’s leading beauty therapists Arezoo’s private salon is so secret, she doesn’t’ even publish the address.


the A-list favorite

When A-List Celebrities want to look their best, they go to Arezoo.

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One of the world’s most sought-after facialists and London’s foremost aesthetician, Arezoo Kaviani, is quite simply a beauty phenomenon.

Born in Iran in 1963, Arezoo Kaviani's path to success started early, working alongside her father in the textile industry. She attributes this experience as her "school of life," instilling values of hard work, determination, and integrity. Arezoo's true passion for beauty led her to pursue studies in the UK, eventually becoming a senior therapist at Harrods, excelling in facials, threading, and introducing the Brazilian Wax to the UK.

After Harrods, Arezoo moved to the Nicky Clarke Salon in Mayfair, then, the most prestigious and exclusive salon in London, where her ever growing reputation amongst those “in the know”, secured her a following of some of the most revered names in the film and music industries.

In 2001, Arezoo realized her dream of establishing her own salon, focusing on discretion, personalized care, and organic recommendations. She counts Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Daisy Lowe, Daniel Craig, Jake Gyllenhaal, Gal Gadot and Liam Neeson as loyal clients.

Today, Arezoo operates from a discreet location in Knightsbridge, alongside her trained team. She contributes to media projects, her credits include “Make me a Supermodel”, MTV and “Beauty School”. She serves as a brand consultant, catering to VIP clients and Middle Eastern royalty. Currently, Arezoo is immersed in a book project and developing her own skincare line, marking another milestone in her remarkable journey.

Beauty Treatments

Whether it’s one end of your body or the other (or somewhere in between!) that needs attention Arezoo's extensive range of treatments can take care of it.



Arezoo creates bespoke facials that are determined on the clients’ goals and skin type. From deep cleansing to anti-aging right through to heeling, each facial is designed to suit individual needs.

Prices start at £250 and go to £350.



  • Eyebrow Shape £35.00

  • Eyebrow Tint £20.00

  • Eyelash Tint £30.00



  • Lip Wax £20.00
  • Underarm Wax £20.00
  • Bikini Line £40.00
  • Brazilian Bikini Wax £65.00
  • Playboy Bikini Wax £70.00
  • Half Arm Wax £40.00
  • Full Arm Wax £45.00
  • 1/2 Leg Wax £40.00
  • Thigh and Bikini £65.00
  • Thigh and Playboy £90.00
  • Full Leg Wax £65.00
  • Full Leg Wax + Bikini Wax £80.00
  • Full Leg Wax + Brazilian Wax £95.00
  • Full Leg + Playboy £98.00
  • What Our Clients Say

    When I first met Arezoo, my skin was a nightmare. she is completely responsible for transforming my skin into being clear and bright. I never go a month without seeing her. Not only does she have magic hands for flawless skin, but her energy is so healing and soothing. I always leave her feeling so much brighter.

    Daisy Lowe

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    Arezoo will always be my go-to beautician. Her treatments are the best in London and as a person, Arezoo is beautiful inside and out, it is an absolute pleasure to visit her salon and spend time in her company.

    Amanda Zuydervelt,

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    I can't remember the first time I met Arezoo - it's that long ago! She's a wonderful multi-tasking therapist who excels in every area of beauty treatments. From her superb facials which leave you glowing and rejuvenated like her A-list clientele, to her super-skilful waxing, which has lulled me to sleep. I'm happy to have her in're not allowed to ever leave!

    Ruby Hammer, MBE

    Ruby Hammer
    Ruby Hammer
    I have been seeing Arezoo for waxing for over 20 years - so long in fact I hardly have any hair anymore! However, the prospect of not needing my 6 weekly fix is unthinkable. Unlike most people who dread going for a wax I positively look forward to it - the warmth of the salon, Arezoo and her team make the visit an uplifting experience. I can't imagine life without Arezoo.

    Jane McNeill

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    I never feel like I am in a salon, I always feel like I am invited as a pampered guest into Arezoo's private home.

    Sam McKnight

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    I have known Arezoo for over 20 years, I am always impressed by her professionalism, her discretion, and her advice on beauty. Arezoo and her team are on my speed-dial list and can be relied upon to fix all manner of abeauty emergencies!


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    The secret beauty book

    Arezoo's salon is so discreet we can't even print the exact address. It's like being in someone's rather elegant home, with treatments taking place in the drawing room. There's no fuss, no fanfare - just simple straightforward waxing, as fast as you like and practically pain-free, with ice cubes to take out the sting and masses of chatter to distract you from the whole ordeal. Early start? She's up and waxing before most of us are out of bed. Working late? She's working later.

    Six of the best: facialists

    Kaviani's three-hour pampering treatment and 20 years' experience under her beauty belt sets her apart from the facialist pack. Whether it’s because of the two American cosmetic lines she uses - Cosmediz and Ayur Medic - or the gentle yet effective blueberry, raspberry or pomegranate peels she's known for, when in London, Hollywood's biggest names always visit her discreet Knightsbridge salon.

    Top three anti-ageing facials

    Based in Knightsbridge, SW1, Arezoo Kaviani's facials are an A-list secret and use the LA product line Ayur-Medic. A machine is used to help a collagen serum to be absorbed deep into the skin, leaving it plump, glowing and hydrated. £175 for 120 minutes


    Arezoo has been featured in a number of leading beauty books


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